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Certified Organic Cherries

 Leona Valley, California

2016 Cherry Season Update

It is finally here!  We will open on Monday, May 23, 2016!!

Tietons are big, ripe and yummy.  We plan to be open every day now until all cherries are sold out.  But, please always check our website the morning of the day you are coming, in case something has changed!  The season is real early, as we are opening seven days sooner that our earliest season, and have never been open for Memorial weekend.  How exciting!

Pricing this year is $5.00 per pound for our certified organic cherries and the price of our own Leona Valley Wildflower Honey is $10.00 for our small bear jar and $20.00 for our large jar.  

We are open daily from 8am to 5pm.  Please dress for the weather (sunscreen), and wear closed-toe shoes. 

Future updates will inform you when Bings, Rainiers and Utah Giants are ready.  We have no idea when that will be, but our total season usually lasts about 14 days…we have lots of cherries, so we are hoping for a longer season this year…no promises! 

See you in the orchard!


Welcome to Copeland's Cherry Ranch in Leona Valley!  Home of some of the best CERTIFIED ORGANIC cherries in Southern California!

Leona Valley is west of Palmdale and north of Santa Clarita. The countryside, fresh air,  and nature is just a hop, skip and "quick car ride" away.

Our History - We purchased our property in 1998 and planted our first 200 trees in 2000 (Bing and Ranier).  In 2001, we added over 260 trees (Tieton and Utah Giant) to the orchard. 

Our orchard in 2005 - Just 5 years old

Our cherry trees were given organic certification approval through CCOF, CDFA and the USDA in April 2008.  The orchard is subject to annual inspections and review of our record keeping for organic certification renewals.  Taking care of our trees is hard work for our family of five, but worth every bit when we see the smiles and hear the laughter of  customers enjoying themselves in the orchard.

Our orchard  - April 2010

When can we go? - Our season usually begins in June and sometimes runs into July!  This year (2015) we will not be opening due to the small amount of cherries available.  We are now working towards our 2016 crop and will update opening dates in May 2016.  Check back at our website then for updates or call us at 661-270-1900.   

When we open come out for the day with family and friends to pick and enjoy one of nature's sweet treats! Four cherry varieties to choose from, honey for sale from our very own hives, and a picnic area under shady trees for fun memories.