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 Certified Organic Cherries

Leona Valley, California
We hope to open for the 2019 cherry season.  Check back at the end of  May or beginning of June for updates!

All our cherries are certified organic and are sweet cherries.

Utah Giants are a good size, red and crisp in texture.  

Tieton, our "two-bite" cherry is juicy and a dark red color.  Tietons are most similar to a Bing cherry, only larger.  They are a BIG hit!

Our Bing and Rainier (golden yellow) cherries are ready approximately one to two weeks into our season.  Both are a plentiful and easy to pick from our trees.

These are our four main varieties, but we also have a handful of Benton trees in the orchard.  Similar in appearance to the Bing, the Benton is a firmer cherry and some say, not as sweet.  If you are looking for something like that, give 'em a try and see what you think.

When you see our sign, park at the street and "come on in pardners." The cherries in back orchard ripen first. A very short walk and someone will show you the way!

How to pick -

You can bring scissors if you like your cherries on the stem or just pull the cherries leaving stems behind.  This prevents damage to the spurs, which will help for next year's crop.

No ladders are necessary, as our trees are the perfect size for picking, from toddlers to those that are blessed with great height.

We have buckets and package the cherries in paper bags.  You may want to bring a cooler to keep your cherries cold on any long drive home.

Please sample the cherries.....we know you'll love what you taste.  It's fun to find your favorite and fill your bucket.  We have lots of helpers to point you toward the tree you are seeking.

Wear closed-toe shoes - Although we work hard to keep the weeds to a minimum, protect your feet.  You are out in the country now!

Hats and sunscreen - Take care of yourself and enjoy as much time as you want in the orchard.  We have lots of shade and benches.  Water and soda for sale too!